About Aaro Kleen Maid Services

Client Testimonials

Marcie S.

I am beyond thrilled to have found Aaro-Kleen! I really cannot say enough positive things about this company. They are professional and courteous as well as perfectionists in the job they do. I have never had such a positive experience when having my house cleaned. Each time I walk in after the job is done it's like I'm walking into a brand new home. This company is the best!

Debbie W.

I have lots of cleaning people come and go but by far this one was the best I have ever had clean my home. They told me that they have had clients for over 15 years and I hope to be one of those and never loose their services. They were on time, came in with three people for my first clean and really attacked the house and it needed it. I could not be happier!! Thank you very much!

Ana V.

Aaro Kleen has been cleaning my 6.000 sqt, for 3 years now, they do an outstanding job, my home always looks spotless and we really trust the company they even have a key to my place. They are licensed, insured and bonded. Aaro Klein exceeded all our expectations.

Mildred C.

I have been using Aaro-Kleen for quite a while and have found them to be a wonderful company . They are reliable as to time and the cleaning is excellent. I would recommend them to everyone.

Cary S.

I used Aaro Kleen for a New Year's Eve party and they did an amazing job, the house looked beautiful. I work in and out of the home and have been home each time thus far that they have come. I am portable so I move from kitchen to living room as they finish and need to get into a room. They are very kind and friendly. I am going to be using them going forward. They are also on time every time and they call if they are running late with updates. I am extremely pleased with them and the service they provide.

Brent A.

Great job. These folks really earn it. They take care to be quite thorough. Very pleasant and easy to work with. They show up when they say they will, which to my wife and I is really important. Each visit they get to additional aspects of the house that we never got around to cleaning ourselves. Should have called them long ago!

Dan and Ellen C.

We have been using Aaro-Kleen for the past few months and are very pleased with the quality and consistency of their work. When they came to our home to give us an estimate, we were very impressed with their professionalism and detailed description of the services that they provide. They also had all of their business documentation for us to review, including proof of license, insurance, etc. Communication is excellent as they always answer their phone promptly. Their cleaning crew has gone above and beyond my expectations in the quality of the service they provide. They always arrive at the time promised and provide a very detailed clean every time. Aaro-Kleen employees even use a step ladder to reach the high places and move all items out of the way to ensure that they do a thorough job. They are always asking if we are happy and if there is anything that they can do to improve. Needless to say, we are very happy with Aaro-Kleen and highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking an honest, trust-worthy, reliable, detailed, consistent, and committed cleaning service.


I've been using Aaro Kleen Maid Services for a few months and they are doing an amazing job cleaning my house. I love coming home finding everything in order and super clean. I sometimes work from home and they have been very awesome working not only around my schedule but my workspace while I have to work. I highly recommend them to anybody needing regular cleaning service. Thank you!

Michelle & Rick

Thank you for your help with the house - you are doing a great job and we love coming home after you have been here!